Non profit branch of muzuu


This is the microcosmos we are living in. Take a look! There are a lot of nice photographies.


There are some of my Ideas and what I am doing. Math, Cooking, Programming a.s.o.

Support us (dog, tomcat, Kizuu and me) by buing something!

This is the not yet wide spread commercial side of Muzuu ;-) So come on and let me go on doing what I want (Luzie my dog does it anyway)

Bohemian Dogs/Pets (this is an other experimentell server, which is most of the time not available)

A little project. I want to compile a illustrated book, with dogs that live by cool people (i. e. no fuddy-duddy bourgeois people).

If you think you are cool and you have a nice picture of your dog in a situation (enviroment) like the one you’ll see if you follow the link. Please send it to Kizuu (see email adress at the right side bar) with a little explanation (names of you and the dog and some notes on dogs bohemian situation)

Copy of KiZuuWiki Startpage

The Wiki itself is now read only, because of some chinese spambots. I think i will transport all the stuff to and start an online shop at